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When to install the radiator when the decoration is suitable

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There is a "three-point product, seven points to install." If the installation time of the radiator is not scientific or the installation workers cut corners and are not standardized, it will easily cause the above problems. Today, Xiaobian will give you step by step to share the specific process of radiator installation.

When will the new house renovation radiator come into play? What is the installation procedure for the radiator?

There are two main types of radiator installations, namely, surface mounted and concealed. Different installation methods have different installation periods. The new house decoration is generally used in a dark installation. In general, the concealed radiator is divided into two processes, the first phase installation and the second phase installation. In the first phase of installation, the pipeline is slotted. Before the hydropower starts in the new house, the slotting construction of the radiator is started. The second phase installation is the real installation of the radiator, which is usually installed before the end of the renovation. Can create the best installation results, and will not affect the wall painting work and so on.

Radiator installation

After understanding the two processes of concealed radiators, let's take a step-by-step look at the specific steps of the radiator installation.

The first step: positioning slotting, pipeline pre-buried

After purchasing the radiator, before the hydropower enters the site, according to the pipeline planning in the design plan, draw the pipeline path and carry out the positioning and slotting.

Step 2: Laying heating pipes

The heating pipes are laid one by one along the slotted portion, and a card slot is provided in the laying. HVAC expert Senrat reminded everyone that the pipeline must be covered with insulation pipes, and some installation teams cut corners and reduced the heat of the room.

The third step: pipe connection, installation of the manifold

The arranged piping is connected, welded, and the manifold is installed. Pipe connection is a rigorous step in pipe installation, so be sure to choose a professional radiator installation team like Senrat. Otherwise, the pipe connection is not standardized, which may easily cause various problems such as water leakage and bursting of the radiator in the later stage.

The fourth step: hydraulic pressure test

After the pipeline is connected, a leak-proof pressure test is required on the heating pipe. Some amateur installation teams have omitted this step in order to save time, resulting in water leakage in the heating pipe during the later use. In addition, Senlat Xiaobian reminds everyone that after the test, the water collector must be wrapped to prevent damage from the later decoration.

At this point, the first phase of the installation is basically completed, and the second phase of the project needs to wait until the wall and floor are finished.

Step 5: Install the radiator and press the test

The radiator is generally wall-mounted, and holes are made in the wall according to the number of radiators, and the radiator is installed. The radiator is then subjected to a working stress test. Some installation teams can easily ignore this step, users must pay attention to prevent leakage of the radiator in the later stage.

The above is the detailed process of the new house decoration concealed radiator, I hope to help everyone. In addition, Xiao Bian reminds everyone to understand the installation process of the radiator, but also must choose the big brand, guaranteed radiator brand and construction team.

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