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How to choose floor heating and radiator

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When we are renovating the house, we will install heating equipment at home, but the type of heating equipment selected by different families will be different. Although air conditioners can also be used for heating, the two most considered options when installing heating equipment are floor heating and radiators. There are also many families who will struggle with whether the floor heating is good or the radiator is good? In fact, these two heating equipment have their own advantages, can not say who is good or who is bad, the following small series will introduce you to the advantages of floor heating and radiator, you can see which kind of heating equipment is more suitable for yourself!

Radiator installation

Do you know the advantages of floor heating?

The comfort of the floor heating is very good. Many people may not know that the heat of the floor heating is transmitted from the foot, and the foot is the dense level of the second heart point of our body. We often hear people from older generations say that "the cold is born from the feet", and the heat transfer method such as floor heating has a good effect on the treatment of rheumatism in our body; and the floor heating is very space-saving, if you install If the floor is warm, there is no need to install any radiators or fan coils and pipes in the room, so that our building use area has also increased, the effective floor height has also been improved, and our indoors can be kept beautiful and tidy; Moreover, the operating cost of floor heating is relatively low, and the heat loss lost during the transmission process is relatively small, saving operating costs, and the thermal stability of the floor heating is also better, even if the floor heating is under intermittent operation, It can keep the indoor temperature stable; the most important thing is that the floor heating has a long operating life and is very suitable for use.

The advantages of the radiator, do you understand?

After the radiator works, the temperature rise is very fast. Generally speaking, after a good radiator runs for 10 minutes, it starts to dissipate heat, so after using the radiator for half an hour, our indoor temperature can reach the preset temperature. It can be said that it is ready to use, we do not need to wait, which saves us a lot of time; when installing the radiator, there is no requirement for the floor material, no matter what the material of the pipe, Can be used as insulation pipe, does not affect the floor decoration of our home; and even the renovated house can also be equipped with radiators, after all, the radiator can be installed or concealed, if the house is renovated, everyone will be clear Install the radiator, this will not affect the original decoration and family life in our home.

Tangled floor heating or radiator

In fact, whether it is good for floor heating or radiators, or to choose from your own needs, general las, floor heating is more suitable for large-sized users and users with higher quality of life requirements, if the family size is not very large, And the quality of life is not particularly concerned, the radiator is also very suitable. The two heating methods of floor heating and radiator have their own advantages. When you choose, you should choose the heating method that suits you according to your own needs and living environment. No matter which way, it is suitable for you. !

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