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Surface mounted radiator error solution

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In recent years, with the promotion of consumption and the improvement of the heating culture in the south, the heating cover rate of the paper-loading houses and the new house is getting higher and higher. For those who do not have heating, they can also choose the way of heating. How about you know about the radiators? Next, Xiaobian has some misconceptions about the problem of the installed heating of most users, and I will give you an analysis:

Radiator installation

Myth 1: The wall mounted heating destroys the decoration style

Many people are worried that the installed radiator will destroy the decoration. In fact, with the progress of the process, according to the decoration style, home placement, house orientation and other elements, a targeted radiator installation plan can be made to make the decoration and heating. Incorporating into one, no exposed pipes were found in the entire room. Some radiators and even artistic effects make the heating more beautiful in the decoration.

Myth 2: Long heating period, affecting life

Some people think that the installation of heating is the same as ordinary decoration. It takes dozens of days to affect the normal life of the family. In practice, it takes only 3-5 days. Others think that home heating should be punched, which will make the house dusty. In fact, don't worry, professional companies can do dust-free operation and standard construction. After the system is debugged, your furniture will be placed back to the original, without affecting normal life.

Myth 3: Heating is expensive, can't be installed

With the progress of people's life and death, coupled with climate change, heating systems have become a necessity for many families. In fact, only the HVAC company on the right track, the price is reasonable, and the gas cost in the later period is also affordable.

Myth 4: The radiator is too ugly, wrap it up

Some people will privately wrap the radiator for aesthetic reasons, which is not correct. For most radiators, the package directly affects heat transfer, air convection and heat radiation, reducing the heating effect. The room that encloses the radiator and the room with the open radiator can have a temperature difference of 3 ° C ~ 5 ° C.

Myth 5: Release the air when the heating is not hot.

The manual exhaust valve is small in size, compact in structure, fragile and fragile, and it is best not to operate it at will, and do not use a wrench or pliers to twist strongly. Under normal conditions, there is no sound in the heating operation. It is only allowed to stop the exhaust operation with professional tools as long as it is not hot or has obvious water flow. In addition, the practice of hoisting heavy objects on the exhaust valve also tends to cause the valve body to be over-stressed to form a fracture.

Myth 6: Wait until the weather is cold before installing the heater

Nowadays, the temperature is still relatively high. Many people are not in a hurry. They are waiting for the winter to come and thinking about installing radiators. The colder the weather, the better the heating business, so in the winter, there are long queues waiting to install the heating.Now the weather is not cold, I plan to heat up my home, or wait until the winter queue for half a month.

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