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Install the radiator misunderstanding

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Nowadays, many families install radiators before the renovation of new houses or houses that have already been renovated. Especially during this time, the temperature has dropped a lot, and it is already close to the beginning of heating. The people who are busy installing and maintaining radiators are obviously more. . Although the radiator is a daily heating product, people often use it more, but little is known. Xiao Bian said that it is necessary to avoid several misunderstandings under the radiator.

Radiator installation

Myth 1: Is the radiator safe?

There is a big difference between the radiator and the floor heating, and some people will worry about the situation of burns. The answer is no, although the radiator is used for heating, the temperature will be much higher than the room temperature, but its general maximum temperature is about 60 °C, it will feel hot when touched directly by hand, and will not burn. The occurrence of burning skin conditions.

Myth 2: Will the radiator affect the decoration after installation?

Previous radiators may affect aesthetics. However, in recent years, the radiators have developed rapidly, not only in the material development, but also in the appearance of a great breakthrough. Nowadays, the mainstream is the steel radiator and the copper-aluminum composite radiator. The appearance is simple and generous, which can make the room have a good decorative effect.

Misunderstanding 3: Buying radiators does not pay attention to wall thickness

In the purchase of radiators, people often only pay attention to the height, width, heat dissipation and other related parameters of the radiator, and few people know and mention the wall thickness of the radiator.

The wall thickness is an important guarantee for the performance of the radiator. Only the wall thickness matched with the heating system can have a certain pressure bearing capacity, ensure the safe operation of the heating system and ensure the service life of the radiator. Therefore, the country also has certain standards for the wall thickness of the radiator.

Myth 4: The hotter the radiator, the higher the indoor temperature.

This is not completely correct. The indoor temperature is related to the number of radiators, that is, the more the number of groups, the larger the heat dissipation area, the higher the indoor temperature; the temperature of the radiator itself is not equal to its own heat dissipation, so it is necessary to choose a good convection. Radiator; in addition, the indoor space is closed and poorly insulated, which will also cause heat to escape quickly.

Myth 5: The radiator is too occupied, reducing the use of space?

The length, width and thickness of the radiator are not fixed. Although the basic specifications of most manufacturers are similar, the installation position of the radiator can be redesigned according to the position of the user's furniture as long as it is designed in advance. The position of the radiator is basically placed in a place that will not be used, and it does not occupy a lot of space.

Misunderstanding 6: The leakage of the radiator is attributed to the quality of the radiator

Leakage of the radiator is one of the common accidents of the radiator. When a water leakage accident occurs, many people blindly investigate the responsibility of the quality of the radiator, and think that the quality of the radiator is poor and cause water leakage.

The leakage of the radiator is caused by many factors, such as heating water quality, mixed radiators, radiator maintenance, construction technology, etc. The quality of the radiator is only one of the reasons. Here to remind everyone, in areas where central heating is not good, try to choose copper-aluminum composite radiator.

The above is the installation of the radiator, we should pay attention to avoid the misunderstanding, only know more about the radiator to better use the radiator, Xiaobian said, in the purchase and installation, we choose the brand of large, after-sales guarantee radiator manufacturers And the strength of the installation company is very important.

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